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Filmmakers are missing a trick when they don’t use Subtitles

Subtitling is an art form  – it combines linguistic skill, technical expertise and creativity   For a film to be a global hit, high quality subtitles are key and a worthwhile investment.   Production managers, studios, directors, and producers benefit from being aware of how significant subtitling is in a competitive global market, and that […]

The defining element of subtitling is ultimately on-screen

“Timing the subtitles to the media, may be viewed in itself as a profession akin to video editing” In our 8th blog of the series, we received invaluable feedback from Serban Dudau who is an AVT and transcreation professional who specialises in subtitling.  Armed with an impressive and vast portfolio of high-end titles behind his […]

Why Subtitling can be considered an Art Form

Subtitlers carry a message and stand in-between cultural settings Monica Paolillo is the Subtitling Team Leader at IT Pros (www.itpros.it). She recently wrote an article titled “Why subtitling can be considered an art form” where she outlined that subtitling is not just about studying languages or speaking multiple languages fluently. In the article she quotes […]

Involve localization experts at all stages of film production

Subtitlers ensure creative intent is fulfilled Riccardo Mimmi (www.auvitranslator.pro), accomplished professional film translator and subtitler in  Italy, believes that involving subtitling and localization experts at the earliest stages of film production can prove to be extremely useful. He has been translating and subtitling hundreds of high-profile movies, TV series, and documentaries from major Hollywood studios, […]

Multilingual films increase vital income streams for Film Productions

Capturing the meaning in Context using Subtitles Subtitles can boost income opportunities. Social media platforms alone are accessed by over 3 billion people across the globe, and by going multilingual, content creators can reach global audiences.   Subtitles should never be an after-thought and should be considered right at the start of the production phase. […]


SUBTITLES AREN’T DESIGNED TO STEAL THE LIMELIGHT In brief, interpreters translate spoken language orally in real-time, while translators translate the written text.  Regarding delivery, interpretation takes place on the spot and can be live, for example in political interviews that are broadcast on news channels.  Interpreters transpose the source language within context, preserving its original […]


FILMMAKERS NEED TO THINK IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE For a film or TV documentary to be successful internationally, high quality subtitles are a worthwhile investment.  Those who have a say in production budgets, whether it be the studio, director, or producers, need to be made aware of how significant subtitling is in a global market, and […]


How Subtitles affect the Viewing Process The SubtitleNEXT team collated key quotes from leading experts in subtitling within the film industry and from major universities across Europe to share their insights into why subtitling needs to be considered at the start of production and also what it entails in terms of what the differences are […]