Where to NEXT?

Media for All 10


The Transmedia research group organised its first conference in Barcelona in 2005. Ever since, Media for All has travelled all over Europe and beyond. Previous editions focused on various forms of Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility, quality and technology. Technology in particular plays a major role in our field. Many conferences and publications have been dedicated to exploring the impact of technology on the AVT landscape (Sketching Tomorrow’s Mediascape, Media for All 9 Barcelona 2021) and on how technology contributes to the field’s complexity (Complex Understandings; Media for All 8, Stockholm, 2019). Technology, after all, has been a key catalyst for the development of the field, both of Audiovisual Translation and of Media Accessibility. In this 10th edition of Media For All, we want to focus on the role of human agents in the translation process. We invite contributions that explore how the roles of users, translators, policy makers, industry and educators have changed over the past decade, under the influence of digitization and globalization. Media For All 10 aims to map the changing profiles of stakeholders in the field of AVT and MA, practice and research, and elicit the many complex relations in which human agents engage.  A clear shift can be detected in our domain, (re)exploring the role of the concept of “agency” in translation today, particularly from the perspective of the complex networks these human and non-human agents are part of.