Product Line

We’ve created our Product Lines according to the market specifics. Trying to focus all our efforts to help the different user groups, we divided three major Lines. Select the one you want to explore and discover our platform possibilities.

While creating the Individual Product Line we used real users’ feedback who helped us to release a useful product. We are continuously updating all elements of the platform to deliver the ultimate service. Our customer-driven approach is highly admired by all of our clients. That is why we remain eager to develop our personalized customer care.

  • Rich theme design

  • Live Support portal

  • Format agnostic


With a 25-year legacy behind it, in combination with the very latest trends, the Enterprise Product Line of SubtitleNEXT supports most of the historic and existing subtitling and media protocols, standards, and formats, and is flexible enough to easily be extended with new options. It also includes several software licensing levels and options to fit any organization need.

  • Optional add-ons

  • Multipurpose text services

  • OS Independent


Our unique hybrid platform, combining the benefits of Lapis+SubtitleNEXT, is the optimal solution for individuals, small teams, big teams and practically organizations of any size. The dual-layered approach to captioning brings greater flexibility and speed for users. Both platforms can be owned by individuals, companies, or institutions by purchasing a license, leased or used as a service.

  • Desktop stability

  • Cloud Possibility

  • Innovative hybrid system