What do subtitling professionals around the world think of SubtitleNEXT?

For those not yet familiar, SubtitleNEXT is a highly popular and affordable subtitling system that is used for captioning live events and offline content in real time. SubtitleNEXT streams content in multiple formats attuned for linear broadcasting, including Video On Demand and social media platforms. Delivering to high industry standards, it boasts an array of immediate resourceful tools and features.

Defined as an exceptionally dependable subtitling software platform, it is no surprise as to why SubtitleNEXT is referred to by many professionals today as the “subtitler’s lifesaver.”

Following SubtitleNEXT’s successful virtual presence at APTRAD and Languages & the Media digital events last year, suggestions were made at both events, by prominent subtitling professional to run a series of workshops to help equip subtitlers out there, with new ideas to help enhance skillset efficiency.

The SubtitleNEXT team responded with enthusiasm and held a series of informative hourly Friday digital workshops that were completely free of charge for attendees, these are summarised at the end where a You Tube link is provided for those who could not attend at the time.

We caught up with some of the industry’s brilliant and talented subtitlers who attended the SubtitleNEXT workshops, APTRAD and other subtitling forums, in order to gauge their opinions of the SubtitleNEXT subtitling system currently taking the AVT world by storm.

SubtitleNEXT’s advanced features set it apart in the Cloud

APTRAD raffle winner at SubtitleNEXT’s virtual booth, Portuguese translator Paulo Fernando, who specialises in audiovisual translation, namely subtitle translation and creation, said this is an area he has been fully dedicated to for 18 years. He has collaborated with several companies, ranging from small local companies to large OTT Language Serviced Providers in a plethora of subjects, with his favourite genres being animation, certain documentaries, and fantasy.

He briefly shared his thoughts on SubtitleNEXT, “I had heard of SubtitleNEXT and PBTEU before, but only came in contact with the software at their virtual booth at APTRAD’s first international audiovisual translation conference in Portugal, where my curiosity was further enticed into other audiovisual areas I could branch out into, like voice-over or Respeaking, and now I’m counting on SubtitleNEXT as a partner in these new avenues.”

Paulo added, “SubtitleNEXT is a highly customisable software platform, designed for subtitlers, offering all the features a professional subtitling tool is expected to offer today, with a large array of exporting subtitle formats. It handles multiple media formats and all the editing and timing options.

In all honesty, what I think is interesting about the software are the options and opportunities it provides, with regards to contemplating the future, so to speak.

In today’s day and age, when the cloud capabilities and proprietary software of some large OTT companies and distributors reign, the “basics,” so to say, implies that features of subtitling software are covered. Therefore, I think that the more advanced features will set the software apart in this area, and SubtitleNEXT is already setting a trend!

I’d like to point out the precision of the software too in detecting spot changes, including the use of customisable styles for creative subtitles, without resorting to third party software, and its Dictation mode all impress me. These are all extremely promising features in speech recognition and possibly the next big step forward technologically for the audiovisual translation industry. Respeaking is something that’s just starting to be talked about in some sectors, but it’s already applicable in SubtitleNEXT.”

SubtitleNEXT is the first system subtitlers turn to

SubtitleNEXT Workshop raffle winner Zoya Katsoeva is an experienced audiovisual translator, who specialises in subtitling. She translates subtitles for features, television series, and documentaries for many major streaming services.

After attending the SubtitleNEXT Friday workshops, the team caught up with her to find out how she was getting on. She outlines her experience using SubtitleNEXT, “I merit SubtitleNEXT for all the settings that are available. I also like the extensive range of technical options the SubtitleNEXT platform provides. Whenever I need to work using my own software, not my client’s online platforms, and when the source subtitles are not perfect, and require a lot of retiming and repositioning around shot changes and so forth, SubtitleNEXT comes to my rescue and is the very first software program I reach out for.”

Alba Multimedia introduces SubtitleNEXT to Russia’s AVT community

ALBA Multimedia is a translation firm based in Russia that offers high quality translation and interpreting services to individuals and corporations worldwide. They recently partnered with PBT EU as an exclusive reseller of SubtitleNEXT and NEXT-TT products within the region which marks a major expansion in footprint for the software.

Successful debut of SubtitleNEXT at “Translation Forum Russia” with ALBA Multimedia, as major partner of the event , August 2021, Courtesy ALBA Multimedia

Following the partnership, the SubtitleNEXT team launched an initiative with ALBA Multimedia recently that involved a SubtitleNEXT presentation, quiz, and a raffle. The winner was AV specialist Uliana Gorshineva, who tried out SubtitleNEXT. With SubtitleNEXT entering a brand-new market, it was interesting to receive her feedback on the industry as a whole and her trust in PBT EU’s partner and excellent products they represent.

Uliana noted, “I have been specialising in audiovisual translation for several years, and I like following the news in this sphere so that I know what features the software developers have added to subtitling software. But sometimes it might be a problem to find the software that would meet all the requirements of the project and would have a variety of different functions.

It is also interesting for me to find out what software is used by professional translation agencies and dubbing studios.

I always follow the social media of ALBA (I get notifications of their new posts) as they always publish some interesting and up-to-date information.

The audiovisual translation market is growing rapidly, and I want to keep abreast of its innovations. Alba’s team are real professionals, so I want to keep up with them, and it is twice as pleasant that I can get first-hand information from them.”

New SubtitleNEXT version 5.11 enables direct translation from audio in real time

A major new feature that stands out in SubtitleNEXT V5.11 allows for the direct translation from audio in real time. This significant capability can be used for automatic translation work and to generate subtitles directly from sound.

In addition, the new version of SubtitleNEXT provides users with the ability to self-administrate their own licenses, namely static licenses, used offline on one PC, or in a dynamic capacity that requires sign-in. The licensing models can be switched between licensing modes, as required. Other highlights include streaming of subtitles to Zoom, irrespective of text length.

An inspiring note from CEO Ivanka Vassileva


PBT EU’s CEO Ivanka Vassileva comments, “We have had an incredible start to 2022 already, despite the challenges the pandemic situation still presents. We continue to listen to our valued customers, academics, and localisation professionals concerning the industry’s growing needs. Our focus is always on our customers, and we’ve already been hard at work on new developments to meet the challenging demands and tight turnaround times that our customers face. The new user-friendly tools and resourceful features in our latest version 5.11 of SubtitleNEXT provides users with excellent advantages. This coming year holds many opportunities for subtitling pros out there.”


Watch the SubtitleNEXT Friday Workshops on You Tube

The SubtitleNEXT Workshop sessions, presented by developer Kamen Ferdinandov covered fundamental areas in subtitling such as creating subtitles from scratch, through to tips on how to improve efficiency across skills such as checking, editing, correcting, fixing, and finalising subtitles for delivery. Further tips were shared on how to translate subtitles more efficiently, how to creatively style and format subtitles using SubtitleNEXT and how subtitlers can use SubtitleNEXT for live subtitling of TV shows, live events, online meetings, and video streaming platforms. The workshops also helped familiarise attendees on how companies and teams can collaborate and successfully perform online subtitling with NEXT-TT and SubtitleNEXT used in tandem. The workshops outlined NEXT-TT’s innovative management features that are specifically designed to help subtitlers are equipped with the latest generation subtitling tools and knowledge skillsets required to enhance the incredible work they do.

Recordings of the SubtitleNEXT Workshops are available on You Tube so you can catch up: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFMPWFADMbyUopPfcb_uK-5EUo7LYhpem

Who uses SubtitleNEXT?

SubtitleNEXT already has a proven track record of success. The team at SubtitleNEXT support hearing impaired charities and have a great interest at making people’s lives easier by supporting Bulgaria’s Listen Up organisation which champions the important cause to be heard.

Throughout the entire pandemic, SubtitleNEXT’s team have continued to support customers, owing to its flexibility and remote capabilities. Many of the companies that have already adopted SubtitleNEXT include Polsat, Kino Polska, OiV in Croatia, AMC in Hungary, Hayat, HD Media, OBN, University of Warsaw, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Doli Media Studio and The European School of Translation. Others include Europe’s largest Belgium-based production company Videohouse where SubtitleNEXT was used for well-known TV series such as Big Little Lies, Sirens, Vikings, and others.


Keep us updated on how you use SubtitleNEXT

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