SubtitleNEXT Series of Friday Workshops prove to be a Hit providing subtitlers with key tools and skillsets to tackle real live projects

To round off a successful 2021, following SubtitleNEXT’s virtual presence at successful APTRAD and Languages & the Media digital events this year, suggestions were made by professional subtitlers for the team to run a series of workshops.

SubtitleNEXT responded with enthusiasm and the devoted team got to work and ran a series of informative free online workshops, which took place for an hour, every Friday from October 15th.

The series comprised of eight sessions were hosted by the developer and creator of SubtitleNEXT Kamen Ferdinandov. They were an enormous success, with a fantastic turnout of attendees, that interacted and engaged in the Q&A that took place after each session.

Key feature topics were covered across the 8 comprehensive Friday workshops, summarised below:

  • The October 15th SubtitleNEXT Workshop demonstrated how to create subtitles from scratch or from a source.
  • The October 22nd SubtitleNEXT Workshop gave subtitlers tips on how to work more efficiently when checking, editing, correcting, fixing and finalising subtitles for delivery.
  • The October 29th SubtitleNEXT Workshop covered ideas on how to work more efficiently when translating subtitles.
  • The November 5th SubtitleNEXT Workshop revealed how to creatively style and format subtitles using SubtitleNEXT.
  • The November 19th SubtitleNEXT Workshop taught subtitlers an array of valuable tools and skills such as how to use SubtitleNEXT for live subtitling of TV shows, live events, online meetings and video streaming platforms.
  • The November 26th SubtitleNEXT Workshop familiarised viewers with how companies and teams can collaborate and successfully perform online subtitling with NEXT-TT and SubtitleNEXT.
  • The December 3rd SubtitleNEXT Workshop outlined NEXT-TT’s innovative management features to help subtitlers gear up and be well-prepared to confidently face 2022 and the challenges ahead in their upcoming projects.
  • The final SubtitleNEXT Workshop on December 10th, included a bit of festive cheer, concluding with a quiz for participants to enter the raffle for a chance to win a free SubtitleNEXT license. This final session of the year ensured subtitlers were armed with the latest generation subtitling tools and knowledge skillsets they need to enhance their work.

Recordings of the SubtitleNEXT Workshops can be found on You Tube for those who missed out:

SubtitleNEXT is a highly popular and affordable system that is used for captioning live events and offline content in real time. It can stream content in multiple formats that are suitable for linear broadcasting, including VOD platforms and social media platforms. Defined as an exceptionally dependable subtitling software platform, it is no surprise as to why SubtitleNEXT is referred to by many professionals today as the “subtitler’s lifesaver.” Delivering to high industry standards, the system has an array of immediate resourceful tools and features.

The SubtitleNEXT subtitling platform provides subtitling professionals with many toolsets that can significantly enhance their work, one example being the “live dictation” function which can be used in live subtitling workflows in order to caption news and events in real time which is quite an exciting new development. Many more exciting features have been released and more are on the horizon for 2021. The team at SubtitleNEXT support hearing impaired charities and have a great interest at making their lives easier by supporting Bulgaria’s Listen Up organisation which champions their cause to be heard.

Filmmakers and broadcasters can benefit from subtitling software that provides them with flexibility so they can enjoy a seamless in-house network to share live output across multiple different production teams on a global scale. With reliable and affordable software systems on the market, subtitling is not burdensome or expensive.

SubtitleNEXT already has a proven track record of success. Throughout the entire pandemic, it has continued to support customers, owing to its flexibility and remote capabilities. Many of the companies that have already adopted SubtitleNEXT include Polsat, Kino Polska, OiV in Croatia, Listen Up in Bulgaria, AMC in Hungary, Hayat, HD Media, OBN, University of Warsaw, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Doli Media Studio and The European School of Translation. Others include Europe’s largest Belgium-based production company Videohouse where SubtitleNEXT was used for well-known TV series such as Big Little Lies, Sirens, Vikings, and others.

Keep an eye on the SubtitleNEXT website for updates in 2022 as there is lots in store with exciting new features and tools on the horizon.

Happy New Year and all the best of success in 2022 – continue learning more about subtitling from the SubtitleNEXT team!

Comments about the sessions are most welcome including how they have helped you in your work, future ideas you would like to see covered and also things you feel we can improve on whether it be in the presentation itself or the tools and features. Please send your feedback to as we appreciate hearing from you.