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Are you captivated by what’s ahead in subtitling localisation?

Current influences affecting and shaping subtitling in the localization industry


The relentless influx of rapid global demand for high-quality localized content for TV, streaming sites, social media and other platforms are immense challenges to the localization market right now but also brings very exciting opportunities to subtitling providers.

As social media platforms continue to grow, these new trends provide great sales and promotional opportunities. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other popular sites are embracing streaming commercials and always hungry for compelling content which always needs multilingual on-screen titles, captioning and subtitling.

Many viewers all over the world are now watching content across social media, usually on their phones, with the sound off, and this has generated even more demand for timed-text services across a large range of cultures and languages.

Short & sweet, customized and repurposed film clips are the rage to grab online viewer attention spans these days as people move on to the next thing fairly quickly.

The tendency that viewers crave bite-size content on demand at speed, are all playing a major role in accelerating the volume of requirements for video subtitling at an enormous rate.

Other influences include 360 videos and VR which are formats already making use of localization subtitling tech. YouTube has allowed for traditional captioning for VR videos. Broadcasters such as the BBC is looking to develop standards so that VR content will be fully accessible to the hearing impaired eventually.

The subtitling sector has become saturated and there are many reliable and professional software systems to choose from such as SubtitleNEXT as an example. The key is to test them out and trial the complimentary demos on offer to see if they work for your specific needs. It’s an exciting time to be a subtitling expert and embrace exciting toolsets that are out on offer with SubtitleNEXT. The online world is literally at the fingertips of the timed-text creative artist. With SubtitleNEXT, you can be the best at what you do, and the world is your oyster.