Are you using the NEXT best security tools at work, or are you putting yourself at risk?

Subtitlers are faced with a plethora of subtitling systems to choose from nowadays.  Handling vast amounts of data and a wide range of content brings serious security issues though.  Therefore, selecting the best tools that provide the right measures of protection and security are an absolute priority.

This is where NEXT-TT really is the next big thing in subtitling as the system has been designed to make security an utmost priority in every way.

The NEXT-TT platform is a fusion of SubtitleNEXT and  business management system LAPIS, making it super-efficient and providing users with the best of both worlds.  NEXT-TT is equipped with unique security advantages and hidden defense mechanisms.

Encryption and watermarking of video materials; user rights and SSL are all available in NEXT-TT too.

System administrators, managers and key personnel stand to benefit from these helpful tools as they provide a wide range of options and allow operators to set up various user rights and also log system activities in a detailed and concise manner.

Automation with user rights that are assigned to specific projects, tasks, groups, and individuals, helps to reduce errors and ultimately protect data leakage.

Another unique security feature of NEXT-TT enables subtitlers to work with only isolated sections of an entire video or movie. This helps prevent the film project being available in its entirety as it gets distributed across several translators over a set period of time.

“Encrypted communication between users in the system, whether in-house or cross-platform is a “must-have” feature.” Alexander Stoyanov, Sales Director at PBT EU says. “Research has revealed that nearly 50% of users face security challenges while working online. Users can benefit from online encryption as well as downloadable watermarking.”

Belgium’s Videohouse recently invested in SubtitleNEXT software for their subtitling and translation department and have worked on high-profile projects such as the Olympic Games to the Eurovision Song Contest, and serves big-brand accounts such as Endemol, CanalZ, Council of Europe, European Commission, European Parliament, Fremantle Media, Play Sports, MediaLaan, Ring TV, Rai Italia, RTL TV1, and vrt, to name just a few.


Elisabeth Barber, Subtitler/Translator at Videohouse who is currently using the SubtitleNEXT software on a full-time basis,  outlines the advantages of SubtitleNEXT in this vital area, “Since we often work with confidential content, another aspect that is very important to us is that supporting video files are not stored locally. This means that we do not have to erase any folders before we take the computer home to work. All in all we are happy with our transition to SubtitleNEXT. We have received incredibly helpful support and we look forward to working with it in the future.”

The PBT EU team are extremely conscious of how crucial security is to the Videohouse team and that clients’ confidential and highly sensitive material is safeguarded and protected at all times.

Media Project Manager at Videohouse Willem-Alexander Hameeuw affirms, “The efforts taken by the PBT EU team to follow-up and to develop on the spot are quite exceptional in the broadcast world! A major advantage.”

The great advantage in NEXT-TT is that it has hidden and detailed user rights management along with robust activity logging mechanisms which ingeniously serve as an excellent alarm system. When user rights are properly defined and followed from the outset, they play a major protective role in monitoring any misuse of material.


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