Why SubtitleNEXT?

Why SubtitleNEXT? By Alexander Stoyanov 


SubtitleNEXT is the latest industry-standard subtitling software lab available in one single compact and conveniently powerful application. It was created by Profuz Digital and distributed by PBT EU, specifically for language, media and subtitling professionals to handle client demand that encompass heavy workloads and tight deadlines.


SubtitleNEXT is an advanced and flexible software suite that delivers the maximum to meet the highest user-expectations and market demands with swift efficient tools that elegantly achieve results with excellence and to the highest standards of quality.


SubtitleNEXT provides toolsets and features that cover several and various areas that help operators save on time and energy, while making them more productive and efficient.


SubtitleNEXT is the subtitlers lifesaver at work.


With a plethora of subtitling and timed text software available on the market today, why is SubtitleNEXT making the headlines and becoming the professionals’ system of choice? Well-respected companies such as Videohouse have adopted the software and are putting it to use on high profile work such as HBO series, what is the appeal?


The dedicated team behind the software has taken the time to fully understand what subtitlers face daily at work and know firsthand as language professionals themselves what timed-text workflows are all about. The company recognizes the real need for a new generation timed-text technology in the industry and are informed of all the factors affecting language, media and subtitling professionals today in a rapidly changing mediascape.  PBT EU and Profuz Digital therefore see what solutions really work in practice and they make it work.


SubtitleNEXT’s predominant uses include vast functions – here are a few examples for users to take note of:


– Translating

Whether conforming a script or translating an existing subtitle form to another language or format, or even going from a blank file by writing down what is heard on video, SubtitleNEXT is a vital tool to have to hand.


SubtitleNEXT stems from a reliable legacy that has been built up over the past twenty years. The software development has evolved from a product called Subtitle, which was one of the first file-based subtitling tools, through to SubtitlePlus –  a worldwide renown subtitling tool for broadcasters, and eventually up to SubtitleNEXT and NEXT-TT – the latest generation toolsets for freelance audio-visual translation professionals, LSPs, production and post-production companies and broadcasters. SubtitleNEXT and NEXT-TT has had the advantage of evolving and growing to fit user needs and wishes over time before being refined as it is now into the fully-fledged sophisticated renewed versions that are now available and market-ready. The team encourages continuous dynamic evolution and users are invited to influence its development and future too by providing feedback and ideas to continue its improvement.


– Editing and adopting for either subtitles or dubbing

Quality is a huge factor of concern involving subtitles and translation including discrepancies that arise due to potential loss of information and the impact they might have on the viewer experience. SubtitleNEXT comes to the rescue with its ability to rapidly sift through and scrutinise text effortlessly.  It then finds and replaces words and phrases, using simple and complex search engines, such as Regular Expression.  It instantaneously creates custom or imports open source dictionaries and even searches online vocabularies and translation engines from within the software with just one simple click. SubtitleNEXT is a powerful tool to achieve this so expeditiously in real time.




– Timing/cueing/spotting

Timing is everything. You have multiple methods to manipulate time in any format, place or shape at your disposal in SubtitleNEXT. You can still use traditional methods if more comfortable too, whereby you can type the figures or hold a key while the media runs, the options are all there for you to choose from. You can also try out the modern automated parameter regulated insertion too. Of course, there are many more functions here, and yes, you can combine all of them as you wish – the choices are boundless and versatile to suit you personally.


– Verifying layout on the text over media

With SubtitleNEXT you’re encouraged to let go and enjoy your work. There are no limits to your creativity with the tools at your disposal.  SubtitleNEXT offers you an entire colour palette with Transparency – in all 32-bit glory. It’s immediate as you go, and you can view the look instantly as you work on your project. Save, import and export your Style settings for backup or to share with colleagues and coworkers. If you are working with files, live video or streaming (internet) media, you can do all of these things at the same time. Your subtitles can actually become your trademark, or you can make them match or be identical to the project requirements you’re working on to maintain consistency throughout.


– Verifying timing and other project requirements

Attention to detail is key and does matter! If you are a perfectionist, or if the project you are working on has stringent rules to adhere to regarding every possible option setting and choice – then be assured, there is absolutely nothing to worry about in SubtitleNEXT – we have it covered for you. Numerous features, tools and menus are available for you to take full advantage of. Prepare by setting all parameters and preferences to work for you – or you can use a fixing mechanism afterwards. Again, it’s up to you and easily sorted out as you work. SubtitleNEXT provides it all. Auto-generated Scene Change markers, draggable visualised timings, Wave form or Spectrum audio graphs, frame accurate predefined values of numerous rules and conditions, and these are just some of the incredible features you have access to.


– Delivering the work

Imagine you have just finished your project and it now has to be accessed by anyone, anywhere! SubtitleNEXT currently offers 15 different file formats, as well as the exporting to Video and DVD formats such as embedding subtitles into video, image set, transport stream, alpha only video … and so forth. You can save to the internet location using http or ftp in the same was that you can open from there. We recommend that you save your work in the native file format, as it provides the most options and possibilities.


From the summary above, it is hard to describe every single possible scenario of functionality and all of SubtitleNEXT’s many advantages in just two pages. Just trying to name them all would take a long time and make the rest of this article longer than your arm. However, what we have mentioned above, lists some of the useful advantages that  SubtitleNEXT modes allows you to operate manually.


Just imagine you are working on a VIP’s live speech spoken in a language that you are required to translate. Turn to SubtitleNEXT –  simply connect a laptop with the software installed to a video beam, manually display the subtitles, one by one, in sync with the spokesman – it is as easy as that. Alternatively, you could be playing a one-time movie with the subtitles on at a festival directly from the software – all is solved by just attaching it to the DLP projector. This can apply to many genres such as Music festivals, Conventions, Opera and Theatre… The possibilities are practically endless when it comes to SubtitleNEXT.


So, the answer to the question should rather be Why not SubtitleNEXT?  It certainly is the tool to use for your next project.


We ventured out to various SubtitleNEXT user sites to discover what real users were saying about the software.


What professionals are saying about SubtitleNEXT

Andrea Spila, Director of Studies at the European School of Translation stated,We are honoured to partner with PBT EU and very excited to start this joint venture. We are sure that our students will greatly benefit by using SubtitleNEXT during our courses and that they will be fully equipped subtitlers when they enter the industry.”


Lecturer at New Bulgarian University Amelia Mareva says, “SubtitleNEXT is an innovative and well-established software, which offers subtitlers of the future powerful subtitling and timed text toolsets that help professionals to sustain development in this field. It’s a proven and trusted product with over 20 years of industry expertise behind it. It is managed by a highly motivated team who are driven to provide industry professionals with the very best technology. Their ethos is reflected in how they equip experts in the field to make a positive difference in people’s lives. That is why we are proud to adopt technology like SubtitleNEXT in our department at NBU.”  


IT Pros Subtitles®’ experienced subtitler Monica Paolillo who trained a group of translation professionals to master the software notes, “…I am therefore very proud to play a part in such a positive educational scheme using SubtitleNEXT. It does make the hard work enjoyable. This course sets a great example of how applications like SubtitleNEXT can be applied in a business case scenario within a fast-paced high-pressure area …What I like about SubtitleNEXT is that, once you’ve gone through the necessary learning curve, it has potential to do exactly what you want it to do, responding to your own commands and keyboard shortcuts, tailoring your subtitler experience throughout the process, offering “nice-to-have” customisation features that do contribute to making your hard work enjoyable…Full marks to you, SubtitleNEXT. I’d encourage all professionals to get up to speed with it as it is a great tool for our profession.”



Founder & chairperson at the Listen Up Foundation, Ashod Derandonyan states, “PBT EU and Profuz Digital are a fine example of dynamic companies that are fully committed to the Rights of Equal Access to audio-visual content for the Deaf and hard of hearing and are taking positive action with tangible strategies to see change in this area. We welcome their passion and support.” 



Elisabeth Barber, Videohouse’s Subtitler/Translator said, “It’s been very busy, and it still is with work for HBO series and many other well-known titles. With the latest upgrade of SubtitleNEXT we can tackle these projects with ease and even faster and we achieve excellent results thanks to SubtitleNEXT. Everything is going very well, so we’re still very happy with our transition and investment in SubtitleNEXT technology. We’ve been enjoying using SubtitleNEXT right from the start and it has been in action here ever since.”


Ann Van Bogaert, Head of the Subtitling /Translation Department at Videohouse adds, “I use SubtitleNEXT on a daily basis and look forward to translating the upcoming HBO series 2 of Big Little Lies using the software.”



PBT EU and Profuz Digital provide a comprehensive pilot demo that will provide users with a taster of the tools to pursue their passions within the timed-text closed captioning and subtitling field.


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