What Is Pro Bono and Why Should I Do It


Pro-bono publico (English “for the public good”) is a latin phrase for professional work undertaken voluntarily without payment. Unlike traditional volunteering, it uses the specific skills of professionals to provide services to those who are unable to afford them.

Pro-bono service is provided to people and organizations who have noble cause, civic standing or simply develop the cultural environment. The most important reason to do pro bono work is to provide benefit to the community that might otherwise not be available. It is win-win solutions for the society and freelancers.

Pro bono might be good start for a career in subtitling. A common dilemma for beginning translators is not having enough experience to be considered by agencies and potential clients. Offering translations on a volunteer basis is one way to combat this problem.

As a beginning translator, volunteer translation allows you the chance to make a practical assessment of your skills. You also get used to various aspects of the translator’s profession, such as meeting deadlines. In addition to building confidence, volunteer translation can be included in your CV.

Here is a list of websites looking for volunteer translators:

We from SubtitleNEXT believe that pro bono is win-win solution for the society and localization professionals, and we will try to connect NGO’s and subtitling professionals by publishing active volunteer opportunities in our social media accounts and NEXTclub.