How closed captioning used in videos can raise awareness on a wider scale

Videos are a powerful branding medium. Content captures the imagination of a vast audience and video is one of the most powerful branding tools used across most social media platforms today. Marketeers are using videos to visually showcase their services and products to customers on a regular scale making them as popular as ever.

A concise well filmed presentation with a professional script and sound is vital to get the attention of a fast-paced audience with a short attention span.  However, the most important factor of all to consider is to ensure that the video file is closed-captioned so that it reaches everybody including those who are hearing impaired as well as those in noisy environments who want to follow along with the sound switched off.

The added value of closed captioning is also improved SEO as search engines document text and key words from image titles for example. Your video will then be revealed in search results resulting in increased ROI. In addition, closed captioning your videos can make translation much easier if you’re producing videos for foreign markets. With the words written out, translators can transpose it to any other language.

Whether you’re on Facebook or using Twitter or catching up with Linked In, closed captioning is really useful way of still following what’s happening. Statistics reveal that about 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without the sound switched on, therefore it is evident that closed captioning is imperative.

The maximum length of a video on social media is about just under one-minute although closed captioning can entice people to watch for longer and persuade them into staying onto the end with interesting storytelling. People retain information better if they can follow along with a video and closed captioning certainly helps attain this.

Closed captioning is an underestimated advantage in how it can play a crucial role in raising your product’s awareness as it can help you reach more customers.  SubtitleNEXT offers closed captioning functionality so you can get started straight away.  Find out more at