Hellenic American College in Greece applauds SubtitleNEXT Workshop for empowering AVT students with career-boosting insights

SubtitleNEXT recently held a dynamic customised workshop at the Hellenic American College in Athens to help prepare their ambitious AVT students destined for careers in competitive translation and creative industries.

Following a recent request from AVT teacher, translator and subtitler Alexandra Papamanoli for a dedicated subtitling workshop session for her students, the SubtitleNEXT team enthusiastically jumped into action to present a helpful workshop session.

The SubtitleNEXT Workshop presented the latest features in the system to inspire budding AVT pros how to further enhance their skills and streamline their work in real-life projects.

The SubtitleNEXT platform equips the future generation with tools that localize content for every major studio, OTT platform, and broadcast company, at the pace defined by fast growing global consumer demand.

The Hellenic college invested in the SubtitleNEXT system back in 2019, making it the very first college in Greece to offer the platform for its Masters in Translation (MAT) Program and Audio-visual Translation Lab.

The MAT is one of 14 academic degree programs of the US-accredited Hellenic American University which the College offers in Greece. Students in the MAT program acquire the credentials to begin a career in translation, audio-visual translation and editing.

The MAT Lab was originally using freeware before upgrading to the SubtitleNEXT platform for its program. The recent SubtitleNEXT Workshop therefore covered key aspects of subtitling, including the differences between using freeware and professional subtitling software platforms such as SubtitleNEXT.

The session outlined how SubtitleNEXT plays a major role in helping students with the technical aspects of subtitling such as timing, checking and fixing subtitles.

Alexandra noted, “These topics can be quite challenging for students, and it was really useful for them to see how SubtitleNEXT can simplify key aspects of their work. We thank the team for their ongoing support and enjoyed the workshop immensely as it was informative and productive.” 

SubtitleNEXT continues to be embraced by student and teacher alike at Hellenic College, as adding immense value to the MAT program, ensuring students have access to performance-leading professional programs that conform to industry standards.

Back in 2020, at the start of the pandemic, with the cooperation of the SubtitleNEXT team, the educational set-up at the Hellenic College was quickly adapted for remote working and virtual study.

With the help of the SubtitleNEXT platform, chosen for the Masters in Translation (MAT) Program and Audio-visual Translation Lab, students were still able to continue working on SubtitleNEXT remotely to complete their courses without disruption throughout 2020 during the Covid pandemic and beyond.

We were proud that due to the powerful features in SubtitleNEXT as well as the collective team spirit, this allowed students to continue their learning, and enabled them to progress to the next stage of their educational journey.” PBT EU’s CEO Ivanka Vassileva said.

The university was developed to facilitate modern learning methods, and is situated on a 16,000m² campus outside Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece with an uninterrupted history of 2,300 years.

The college boasts state-of-the-art facilities, such as virtual classrooms, electronic library, IT labs, Digital Manufacturing and Materials Characterisation Laboratory and Molecular Ecology/Molecular Biology Lab create an environment conducive for higher learning and research for students.

SubtitleNEXT is a flexible subtitling timed-text system that can run on a wide range of hardware. It is a popular and affordable system that is highly regarded for captioning live events and offline content. It can stream content in multiple formats that are suitable for linear broadcasting, including VOD platforms and social media platforms. Defined as a dependable subtitling software platform, it is no surprise as to why SubtitleNEXT is referred to by many professionals today as the “subtitler’s lifesaver.” Delivering to high industry standards, the system has an array of immediate resourceful tools and features.

The SubtitleNEXT subtitling platform provides subtitling professionals with many toolsets that can significantly enhance their work, one example being the “live dictation” function which can be used in live subtitling workflows in order to caption news and events in real time which is quite an exciting new development. Many more exciting features have been released and more are on the horizon for 2022-2023. The team at SubtitleNEXT support hearing impaired charities and have a great interest at making their lives easier by supporting Bulgaria’s Listen Up organisation which champions their cause to be heard.

Filmmakers and broadcasters can benefit from subtitling software that provides them with flexibility so they can enjoy a seamless in-house network to share live output across multiple different production teams on a global scale. With reliable and affordable software systems on the market, subtitling is not burdensome or expensive.

SubtitleNEXT already has a proven track record of success. The company continues to support customers anywhere in the world, owing to its flexibility and remote capabilities. The SubtitleNEXT platform is used for both offline and real-time captioning for all kinds of media formats. Some of the many organisations, that have already adopted SubtitleNEXT include Titles-On, EMG, Digitalmeister GmbH, Leinhäuser Language Services GmbH, Polsat, Kino Polska, University of Rome Tor Vergata, the University of Warsaw, University of Ghent, European School of Translation, Max Live Media Access, Biovisjon, IT Pros Subtitles, Doli Media Studio, Cube Cinema Technologies, Tring TV, Bulgarian National Television, Canal Plus Myanmar, AMC, HD Media, European School of Translation, the Complutense University of Madrid, and many others.

Keep an eye on the SubtitleNEXT website for updates in 2022 as there is lots in store with exciting new features and tools on the horizon. www.SubtitleNEXT.com

Comments about the sessions are most welcome including how they have helped you in your work, future ideas you would like to see covered and also things you feel we can improve on whether it be in the presentation itself or the tools and features. Please send your feedback to sales@subtitleNEXT.com as we appreciate hearing from you.