Jana Ballette

Do you know when someone has had a passion since their childhood? I had several dream jobs when I was little, but as long as I remember, my biggest dream has always been to learn many languages. And the only reason why I say “many” is because I soon realized that I couldn’t learn them […]

Nisreen Ramlawi

I am a professional and qualified freelance translator and subtitler. I have been working in this field for 5 years, spent it in translation, subtitling and working with so many clients. I could easily work in (English<>Arabic, Translations, Subtitling) and I have a little knowledge of French language acquired it from my travel to France […]

Mohamed Mehana

My name is Mohamed Mehana, I am an Egyptian freelance subtitler. I have been working in the subtitling industry as a professional for one year now. I have a degree in civil engineering and worked as a civil engineer for several months, but I have always had a passion for linguistics and subtitling, so I […]