Кali Corral

Detail-oriented English to Spanish Audiovisual Translator offering 5 years of
experience. Focused professional with a deep cultural knowledge of Mexican
and Latin American culture, and video game localization.

Monica Paolillo

Monica Paolillo is a professional subtitler, a member of SUBTLE, and a subtitling team leader at IT Pros Subtitles, a network of independent professional subtitlers and translators based in Perugia – Italy. Her main focus is on quality and she likes to elevate subtitling to as high a level as possible.

Jana Ballette

Do you know when someone has had a passion since their childhood? I had several dream jobs when I was little, but as long as I remember, my biggest dream has always been to learn many languages. And the only reason why I say “many” is because I soon realized that I couldn’t learn them all.

After attending High School specialised in foreign languages, I studied for my BA Degree in Linguistic Mediation and I discussed my dissertation in April 2017. It was about a Colombian social dialect called “Parlache” used by low-classes speakers in Medellín. I also gained experience as a translator whilst working for the website www.welcome-to-sardinia. I was also given the opportunity to practice in this field as a freelance by translating menus for several restaurants in the touristic area of Sardinia, Italy, to satisfy my eagerness for getting involved with languages, at any time.

Some time ago, I moved to Barcelona in order to improve my knowledge of Spanish and in a few years, I successfully completed a course in Proofreading and Style in Spanish and I reached the C2 Level DELE Certification.

Barcelona really helped me to achieve my dreams. Here, I started working as a translator specialised in Medicine for an Italian acupuncture doctor who teaches Neuromodulation in Spain. I translate course material and I also work as consecutive interpreter during the courses, from Italian to Spanish.

But the turning point of my career was when I started to study Audiovisual Translation and I’m now about to get my Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Translation: localization, subtitling and dubbing from ISTRAD.

At the moment, I’m working as a freelance subtitler for a few Netflix vendors. I also used to work as subtitler for a local Italian TV channel in the past. I have just started working as freelance videogames and software tester. All of a sudden I’ve realized I am living my lifetime dream.

For me, translating is a very unique and beautiful technique that let you enter new worlds: all the cultures that could be really close to ours but are unreachable because of the language barrier. I love my job and that’s the best business card you can provide.



Nisreen Ramlawi

I am a professional and qualified freelance translator and subtitler. I have been working in this field for 5 years, spent it in translation, subtitling and working with so many clients.

I could easily work in (English<>Arabic, Translations, Subtitling) and I have a little knowledge of French language acquired it from my travel to France I could translate and subtitle cartoon and animation French movies.

I am able to work on translations of different fields, such as medical, literary texts, arts and humanities, education, food, nutrition, lifestyle, tourism and general translations. Ensuring seamless style, context, and overall meaning in the target language. I have also worked on translations and subtitling with subjects as lectures, animation, Movies’ scripts and Transcription.

I am familiar with Types of CAT tools used–Adobe Acrobat, FrameMaker, InDesign, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PageMaker, PowerPoint, QuarkXPress, SDL TRADOS, SDLX, Alchemy Catalyst, Translation workspace. I use the latest transcription and subtitling technology as eagisub and video converter.

After hard learning and good training, I have done accurate masterpieces and perfect projects in translation, and subtitling some of TED talk and cartoon movies. I am certain that my experience and employment background will serve your clients well, you can see my translation and subtitling samples in https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKpBDY7Ih2zD8f7WiDbbxxw?view_as=subscriberlink.

My services are boundless, my projects are done on schedule. My rate is competitive and negotiable. My productivity is 4000 words per day. I have been the first choice for a lot of agencies and clients and my goal is to make you happy and satisfied.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon for future cooperation.


English<>Arabic Translator & Subtitler

Nisreen Alramlawi

Mohamed Mehana

My name is Mohamed Mehana, I am an Egyptian freelance subtitler. I have been working in the subtitling industry as a professional for one year now. I have a degree in civil engineering and worked as a civil engineer for several months, but I have always had a passion for linguistics and subtitling, so I studied media translation at the American University in Cairo, then I worked as a volunteer on many platforms that accept beginner volunteers for nearly a year where I gained valuable experiences that helped me to start working as a professional subtitler.

I know that I still have many things to learn and many goals to achieve, and I really hope to have a long and prosperous career in the subtitling industry.

Gökay Örsel

My name is Gökay Örsel, I am a fresh graduate from Hacettepe University and I have a bachelor’s degree on Translation and Interpreting Studies.


I’ve been working as an audiovisual translator for almost four years, since the begging of my degree, I had a huge interest in post production and always a big fan of movies and TV shows. With almost all of my interests combined, a passion for subtitling was born inside me. I started as a Netflix Subtitler and I’ve been working for several different Netflix vendors ever since. With my experience in project management in London, I am planning to found my own company in the future.

Silvia Maragliano

My name is Silvia Maragliano. I am an Italian translation and subtitling professional from Bologna (Emilia Romagna), and I currently live in Lugano, Switzerland.

My path to subtitling started when I was in college, at the end of my Bachelor’s. Even though I had never even heard of a subtitling software at that time, and I was kind of adverse to subtitles themselves, something told me that writing a dissertation about it was the right choice to make.

So I sneaked into a Master’s Degree Subtitling course, got my hands dirty practising with students who were older and a bit more experienced than me, and learnt the very basics of the art of subtitling.

After some years, I finished college and started working, adding to my CV a couple of professional experiences completely unrelated to translation.

Meanwhile, in 2015, I attended the ARTIS conference in London, on Research in Audiovisual Translation, thinking perhaps of a PhD.

But then I thought that I was actually more into creating my own translation business, working for and with myself only. So I attended an event for translators in Italy in 2015,

then became an intern in a translation agency and attended another translators’ event in 2016, and finally started out as a full-time, freelance translator in January 2017 (as SiMa Translation Atelier).

Last year, subtitling and I met again when I started working for some international vendors. But, more importantly, when I took up an online, practical course on subtitling and dialogues translation, taught by estimated colleagues and now also dear friends of mine.

The course taught me how to really deal with this job in the actual world, no academia, (almost) no theories. Just practice. And it actually taught me the importance of being able to control nearly every step of the subtitling production by means of the right tools,

such as yours (about which we briefly talked during the course).

My hope for the near future is to build more significant professional relationships within this–quite literally–spectacular industry, to gain more knowledge and experience, and -in two years’ time- to be able to attend the Languages & The Media Conference in Berlin.

Alessandra Gramignano

My name is Alessandra and I am a translator from English and Spanish to Italian (it-it). After a Master’s Degree in this field, I specialized in AVT (Audio Visual Translation) for dubbing and subtitling. As I am currently freelancing for several companies and important clients, such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Sky, Canal+, Discovery, Fox and Ericsson, I am comfortable handling many different subtitle formats and types of products (TV shows, movies, documentaries, web series, e-learning content). I am also a proficient user of many subtitling online and offline platforms. What I can offer to my clients? Creativity, experience and a true passion for this job!

Alessandra Gramignano
Freelance Translator En > It – Es > It
AVT Specialist (Subtitling, SDH, Transcription)
T. +39 3881056682