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What is new in the market of dubbing and ‘adattamento-dialoghi’?

What is new in the market of dubbing and ‘adattamento-dialoghi’? By Silvia Maragliano In a recent post last year, we introduced a bit about how the so-called adattamento-dialoghi works in Italy. We also talked about a big stakeholder in the Italian market, that is the professional association representing a fair share of Italian adattatori-dialoghisti: AIDAC. […]

SubtitleNEXT named Silver Sponsor at Scandinavian Media4 All Conference

SubtitleNEXT named Silver Sponsor at Scandinavian Media4 All Conference 17 – 19 June 2019 –  Main Campus, Stockholm University, Sweden   The creators and distributors behind SubtitleNEXT, PBT EU and Profuz Digital are pleased to announce their support for the Media for All International Conference in Stockholm with SubtitleNEXT branded as official Silver Sponsor product […]

5 benefits of subtitling video and media content

By Lucia Mecocci Hi! In this post, we will see 5 of the current benefits of subtitles, which are in greater demand in the localization industry. To start with, what are subtitles? Subtitles are a type of audiovisual translation (AVT): scholar Gottlieb defines them as a written, additive, immediate, synchronous and polymedial text.[1] In other […]

NEXTClub is a dynamic Resource to help Subtitling Professionals Excel

NEXTClub is the industry pro’s NEXT best thing The creators and worldwide distributors behind SubtitleNEXT technology, PBT EU and Profuz Digital, have launched dedicated member site NEXTClub to connect user groups all around the world. NEXTclub was designed with the intention of offering an online gathering place for translators, subtitlers, interpreters and captionists. Freely open […]

Subtitles, Shortcuts and Shuttles

Subtitles, Shortcuts and Shuttles By Bernd Werner Shortcut keys are a great way to increase your productivity when timing/spotting subtitles. Professional subtitling software, like e.g. SubtitleNEXT, lets you assign all the functions you need to specific keys or key-combinations on your keyboard. In SubtitleNEXT you can find this option under Options > Customize Keyboard: Here […]

Кali Corral

Detail-oriented English to Spanish Audiovisual Translator offering 5 years of experience. Focused professional with a deep cultural knowledge of Mexican and Latin American culture, and video game localization.

Video Game Localization in Latin America: A General Overview.

By Kali Corral The market for Latin American video game translation has increased over the years, and as a localization translation specialist, there are various aspects I have observed along the way. Let’s discuss them briefly.   First, the dialect variant and how translation agencies resolve this. Latin America consists of 20 different countries (well, […]

Why subtitling can be considered an art form.

Why subtitling can be considered an art form. By Monica Paolillo “Due to the complex nature of subtitling, the subtitler must possess the musical ears of an interpreter, the stylistic sensitivity of a literary translator, the visual acuteness of a film cutter and the aesthetic sense of a book designer”. Henrik Gottlieb If standard professional […]

Monica Paolillo

Monica Paolillo is a professional subtitler, a member of SUBTLE, and a subtitling team leader at IT Pros Subtitles, a network of independent professional subtitlers and translators based in Perugia – Italy. Her main focus is on quality and she likes to elevate subtitling to as high a level as possible.

Jana Ballette

Do you know when someone has had a passion since their childhood? I had several dream jobs when I was little, but as long as I remember, my biggest dream has always been to learn many languages. And the only reason why I say “many” is because I soon realized that I couldn’t learn them […]