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SubtitleNEXT to feature at Translation Forum Russia – 30 July – 1 Aug – Nizhny Novgorod

For immediate release – 21 July 2021, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia – IABM-member and systems integration specialists PBT EU has formed a strong partnership with ALBA Multimedia to expand SubtitleNEXT subtitling solutions across Russia and the former Soviet Union countries.

ALBA Multimedia has over 15 years of experience in providing professional AV translation and localisation services including AV productions in over 100 language combinations. ALBA’s co-owners have worked on localisation and translation projects for the likes of Netflix, Amazon, HBO, AeroGroup, DreamWorks Animation, SDI Media and other major vendors and have vast experience of editing, copyright laws and preparing complete localisation packages for AV productions including international film festivals.

Furthermore, PBT EU confirms its participation at the upcoming “Translation Forum Russia” event with ALBA, a major partner of the event. It will be held in Nizhny Novgorod from 30 July – 1 August this year. Established since 2009, the forum is Russia’s leading annual platform in the language industry in Europe and across the ex-USSR republics. The show attracts around 500 participants including representatives of organisations such as the European Commission, UN Information Centre, FIT Europe, the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters and the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

The linguistic expertise offered at ALBA Multimedia includes a wide range of specialist services that include editing, creation of dialogue lists and post production scripts, subtitling of AV productions in Russian and foreign languages, translations of timed text, translation for voice-overs, dubbing and audio descriptions, subtitles for hearing-impaired viewers (SDH, localisation of songs, rhymed texts and much more.

Chief Sales Officer at ALBA Multimedia, Elena Aleksandrova states, “Our company specialises in audiovisual translation in all its forms, ranging from subtitling through to audio description. We understand how important it is to have software that can meet the requirements and standards that various clients need. The features that SubtitleNEXT offers can meet even the most stringent and unusual demands. The variety of AV content on the market calls for different technological solutions, and SubtitleNEXT allows its users to make creative and live subtitles on demand in real-time. Another vital aspect to consider in AV translation is the training of future professionals, and the SubtitleNEXT team understands this important factor by co-operating with universities, which is a dynamic move.”

Elena adds, “As a key partner of the Translation Forum Russia, ALBA Multimedia will also moderate the section devoted to AV translation. The forum draws both freelance translators and representatives of large LSPs, with special attention paid to translation technologies. This is why, I am confident that SubtitleNEXT will be a major attraction to many of the participants attending.”

PBT EU’s Sales and Product Expert Maria Markovska noted, “ALBA Multimedia is a professional organisation that prides itself on high quality standards, and we are absolutely thrilled that they have embraced SubtitleNEXT as they have, which will in turn, play a role in continuing to help them deliver superior quality to their clients. We are delighted to partner with them and participate in the upcoming “Translation Forum Russia” at the end of this month. It is exciting to see SubtitleNEXT’s footprint broaden across to AV professionals in Russia. It is a powerful supplement to traditional subtitling platforms as it incorporates so many features that can tackle sophisticated requirements. SubtitleNEXT was created to make the subtitler’s life easier with versatile options, to make work enjoyable.”

CEO of PBT EU Ivanka Vassileva concluded, “ALBA Multimedia’s global outlook is a forward leap in helping provide key LSP services to the industry and recognises the demand for rapidly evolving software platforms like SubtitleNEXT. With easily scalable resources like the SubtitleNEXT software on-site, ALBA Multimedia is equipped with flexibility that can meet today’s demanding AV content needs including the more complex production projects that arise, wherever they may need it, as it can be used remotely too.”

SubtitleNEXT is a user-friendly, innovative timed-text software platform already adopted across various multimedia industries, offering live and offline subtitling. SubtitleNEXT already has a proven track record of success across Europe and the rest of the world. Throughout the entire pandemic, SubtitleNEXT has continued to support customers, owing to its flexibility and remote capabilities. Many of the companies that have already adopted SubtitleNEXT include the likes of Polsat, Kino Polska, OiV in Croatia, Listen Up in Bulgaria, AMC in Hungary, Hayat, HD Media, OBN, University of Warsaw, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Doli Media Studio, Spain’s UCM and The European School of Translation.

Other organisations that have invested in SubtitleNEXT include Europe’s largest Belgium-based production company Videohouse where SubtitleNEXT was used for well-known TV series such as Big Little Lies, Sirens, Vikings, and many others. The Hellenic American College of Greece is also a SubtitleNEXT fan and has equipped its Masters in Translation students with key localization skills to prepare future subtitlers with a definitive career path to face the pace of demand in the translation and creative industries.

To find out more, and to keep up to date with upcoming events, and future announcements, keep an eye on the SubtitleNEXT website. (https://subtitlenext.com/club/events/)

To find out more about the Translation Forum Russia event, visit https://tconference.ru/en