SubtitleNEXT named Silver Sponsor at Scandinavian Media4 All Conference

SubtitleNEXT named Silver Sponsor at Scandinavian Media4 All Conference

17 – 19 June 2019 –  Main Campus, Stockholm University, Sweden


The creators and distributors behind SubtitleNEXT, PBT EU and Profuz Digital are pleased to announce their support for the Media for All International Conference in Stockholm with SubtitleNEXT branded as official Silver Sponsor product of the show. Other sponsors taking part at the event from 17 – 19 June, include major industry players such as Netflix, OOONA and Lingsoft.

Host partners of this Conference’s 8th year include The Institute for Interpreting and Translation Studies at the Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism at Stockholm University and The City of Stockholm.

The conference will be held at the main campus of Stockholm University aiming to attract academics, researchers, language practitioners, translators, interpreters, broadcasters, government agencies, support groups and the audio-visual translation (AVT) and media accessibility (MA) industry, not only from Europe, but from all over the world.

The main theme titled “Complex Understandings” will be extensively covered at the event and aims to expand on the complexities of our world today combined with the increasing intricacies in AVT and MA. Digital environments and the mediascape such as cinema, TV, video games, computers, smart phones and glasses, social media such as You Tube, and so forth will be explored. The debate will also address the concerns of the visually, aurally and cognitively impaired, including the elderly in our society and language learners, and how they need to be justly catered for as audio-visual citizens.

Attending the event, Linguist Specialist Ivanka Vassileva and CEO of PBT EU and Profuz Digital states, “Following the success of The Languages and The Media Conference we attended last year in Berlin, we are thrilled to be able to sponsor and support this global conference as well.  The timing could not be more pressing, as the industry goes through vast changes and at a rapid rate. It addresses the demands that face LSP professionals involved in captioning, subtitling, timed-text, interpreting, and translating across a variety of media. Language essentially shapes who we are and in turn shapes the industry. How technology fits into the equation as a disruptor provides challenges as well as opportunities.”

SubtitleNEXT Sales Director Alexander Stoyanov looks forward to the event adding, “The conference will provide attendees and academics with an ideal opportunity to sample the growing sector’s pioneering timed-text technologies that can help to make the complexities of our world, simply less complex. SubtitleNEXT when combined with business management system LAPIS transforms into a formidable  web-based hybrid platform called NEXT-TT which launched at NAB 2018. It gives operators the best of both worlds – on the desktop and Cloud environments. Our very latest technology development of SubtitleNEXT and NEXT-TT  will be showcased at the venue and is vital armoury for professionals to invest in to survive the industry changes ahead. I’ll be taking note of feedback so that we can continue to create new toolsets in our software where required to suit the community’s valid demands.”

NEXT-TT allows for the efficient generation at blistering speed of timed-text, dubbing and localisation services of every type of content you can imagine. It can be used to manage teams of translators, audio-visual professionals, and creative freelancers, and provides a secure workspace with toolsets that deliver high quality results every time.

CTO of Profuz Digital Kamen Ferdinandov, who will also be present at the event, adds, “An event like Media4All plays a much-needed unifying role in bringing together the world’s most skilled professionals to tackle head-on, the issues of our day.  To be able to take part in this forum is a privilege for us, where we can play a role in contributing to the creation of tangible solutions that help to make work-life much easier. It’s positive action to all put our heads together, listen to each other and work to understand all the components involved. We are passionate about providing helpful tools and resources for industry professionals. We believe we can help both freelancers and companies navigate the mediascape and face challenges ahead by equipping them with the best technology to do the job. Being armed with great tools is half the battle in facing the complicated multifaceted digital media environment of our age.”

SubtitleNEXT is the latest industry standard subtitling lab, in one compact and convenient application. It covers the needs of vast and numerous domains, saving users time and energy productively and efficiently supporting disciplines such as translating, editing, subtitle and dubbing adoption, timing/cueing/spotting, verifying layout on text over media, deliverables and much more. Visit the “home of subtitlers” here

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