About the SN Certification

Whether you are an educator helping students prepare for college or career, or a student looking for a competitive advantage, or perhaps a company looking for people with the qualifications to make things happen, a SubtitleNEXT FREE certification can make a difference. The strong knowledge in timed text services is a great asset in both the academic and professional arenas.

Teaching students to use subtitling software such as SubtitleNEXT, along with providing SN certification gives them a significant advantage in achieving college or career success.

Price per year for education
195 Eur


Any academic institution which offers a degree, and is dedicated to teaching their enrolled students, are welcome to join the SubtitleNEXT Academic Program. It includes public and private universities, colleges, junior colleges, elementary, middle, high schools, and technical schools.

SubtitleNEXT’s licensing and pricing policy for education is designed to equip educators and academic institutions with the tools to provide a quality education in timed text services, subtitling, captioning, audio descriptions, annotations, creative subtitles, transcription, SDH, surtitles, live subtitling and video game localization. The policy offers flexibility, transparency and volume discounts to help academia quickly and easily purchase any product from SubtitleNEXT’s education portfolio.

We’ve designed a program which is completely customizable, offers substantial savings on licenses, but which provides access to full versions of our products, and our amazing technical support.

Certified Academy Members

SCP Individuals

If you’re a passionate SubtitleNEXT user, you and your career may benefit from becoming a SubtitleNEXT Certified Professional (SCP). To become a SCP, all you’ll need is to:

  • Register in SN Club
  • Get the online SN course for certification